Candle Care

*The FIRST time you light a Jean Gray candle, you should pull an Usher and "Let It Burn" until the candle has reached a full melt pool of wax that reaches to the edges of the container. This usually takes at least 3 hours. Letting your candle burn this long for the first lighting will train the wax to burn efficiently for the life span of the candle. 

*DO NOT burn your Jean Gray candle for longer than 4 hours at a time. 

*NEVER leave your candle burning next to an open draft OR unattended. 

*Keep out of reach from children.

*After EVERY burn, you should trim the wooden wick of your Jean Gray candle down to .2 inches (just under 1/4 of an inch). You always want to make sure to remove the burnt parts of wood from your wick to prevent any sooting. You can do this by using wick trimmers, old nail clippers or just by pinching off the burnt pieces of wood with your fingers tips. Keeping your wooden wicks trim will lengthen the life of your Jean Gray candle.